Graines de Curieux

100% Belgian, 100% Organic and 100% innovative!

Organic and Belgian products available in our participating stores

We work with people who are passionate about the organic world which encourage the local economy. You will find our products into the stores which work with our brand "Graines de Curieux" (Curious beans in French) in the following link.

Belgian cereals producer

In order to obtain our different product ranges, we cooperate with organic agriculture professionals. The farmers cultivate our products on the Belgian soil according to our specifications.
Once produced, we buy them back their production, we transform and commercialize it under the brand name "Graines de Curieux" (Curious beans in French).
This concept includes a broad human component. All along this chain, we bring people to light: those who cultivate the grains and also those who shape it thanks to their tools and their knowledges. These people must be paid up to the task. This is fair and local trade, fair trade bio-proxy!

The society Land Farm & Men began its activities with the cultivation of quinoa. Since, the society offers a varied range of products under the brand name "Graines de Curieux"

  • Green lenses, Brown lenses and Beluga lenses.
  • Einkorn, Large Oat, Small Oat and Quinoa.
  • White Old Wheat Flour, Integral Old Wheat Flour, Buckwheat Flour, Einkorn Flour and Emmer Flour.
  • Colza oil and Camelina oil.
  • Shortbread with old wheat and chocolate, Buckwheat, Einkorn, Oat and Quinoa