Foire aux questions - FAQ

How Does the Sensor Work?

CU-BX contact-free sensing solutions are based on an optical sensing system which monitors driver vital signs from a distance without requiring any level of physical contact between the driver and sensor. The sensor detects changes in surface-level micro-movements (nano-vibrations) and analyzes these changes with a series of sophisticated algorithms and AI technology.

What Does the Sensor Measure?

CU-BX contact-free sensor captures the driver's heart rate, respiratory rate and heart rate variability then applies patented algorithms to analyze key driver comfort, safety and well-being attributes such as fatigue, stress and thermal comfort.

Is the Sensor Accurate While Driving?

Yes! When compared to medical-grade gold standard devices, the CU-BX sensor is proven to be highly accurate.

Is the Sensor Affected by Sunlight?

Not at all! The sensor remains fully operational in any light condition.

Does the Sensor Work at Night?

Yes it does! The sensor maintains full accuracy regardless of the amount of light. This includes full operational capabilities when the car is underground such as when driving in below ground parking structures and through tunnels.

Does the Driver Have to Be in a Specific Position?

Because the sensor has a wide field of view, the driver is free to sit in any position.

Does CU-BX Share Personal Driver Health and Driving Information?

The amount of shared information is decided by the OEM. CU-BX provides the sensor, underlying algorithm and raw data analysis.

Is the Sensor Affected by Clothing, Sunglasses or Masks?

Not at all! CU-BX sensor systems are designed to fit seamlessly into driver's lives.